Energy Management System

  • Having trouble accounting for your energy consumption?
  • Do you need specific energy consumption reports like kWh/Kg or kWh/Component?
  • Does it feel like you're being overcharged for electricity?
  • Are you losing appliances from power failure or bad electriciy?

We can offer you an Energy Management system designed specifically to help you find answers. Be it the meters, the network components or the software, each has been thoughtfully designed to enable you to take charge of your energy and resource usage, at minimum cost and yet offer the maximum benefits.


  1. Electricity Bill Crosscheck
  2. Power Interruption Reports
  3. Voltage and Frequency Trend Analysis
  4. Demand Monitoring and Deviation
  5. Harmonics Trends-Individual Phases
  6. DG Monitoring - generation and DG efficiency
  7. Open Access Reports
  8. Auto Email of all Reports
  9. SMS and E-mail Alerts
  10. and many more

How Does it Work?

Meters can be installed based on the benefit that you expect from them, and not just for the sake of monitoring data. Network components can be interlinked to offer you the maximum data reliability for your specific site conditions, and not just for collecting data. The software can be tailored to meet your applications and help you solve problems, rather than just presenting data. Automatic email and SMS alerts can also be configured by the user to monitor any number of power parameters, such as kW, Voltage, Current, Limit crossing etc.

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